Rafael de la Cruz

Representative of the IDB to Colombia

PhD in Economics from University of Paris.

An expert in fiscal affairs and economic development, Rafael de la Cruz was the coordinator of the Subnational Governments area before assuming the Bank representation in Colombia. Before that, he worked as a Leading Economist in the World Bank.

He has extensive academic experience, including a position as Director of the Center for Public Policy in the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA) in Venezuela.

In the Government of Venezuela he functioned as the Managing Director and Chief of Cabinet in the Ministry of State Reform. In this position he spearheaded the process of decentralization in Venezuela and was responsible for the Federal Government relationship with the first elected governors in the country, as well as for the first transfers of competency to the states.

Rafael de la Cruz is the author of a considerable number of academic publication. The latest is “The Local Alternative”, which was published by the IDB and Palgrave-MacMillan. The Spanish version was the most consulted book in the IDB webiste in 2012.

Member of IADB

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