May 27, 2016

MIF Work on Development and Resilience

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank has identified a growing need for climate resilience in its clients among micro, small and medium sized enterprises and the communities that depend on them in Latin America and the Caribbean. Many of the most vulnerable climate “hot spots” in world are in this region. Two MIF programs, Proadapt and EcoMicro, both co-financed by the Nordic Development Fund, address various aspects of climate resilience. Proadapt is organized around the principle that climate resilience is both a need and a growing business and investment opportunity. EcoMicro, which also focuses on ”green microfinance” for energy efficiency and renewable energy, is also working lending for greater resilience.

Panelists will discuss the prospects for increased assistance in the area of climate resilience, and discuss new projects, including in the Brazilian Sertão, the Jamaican housing mortgage industry and the Gran Chaco Americano.

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