Maximo Torero

Director of the Markets, Trade, and Institutions Division, IFPRI

Maximo Torero is the Division Director of Markets, Trade and Institutions Division at the International Food Policy Research Institute, leader of the Global Research Program on Institutions and Infrastructure for Market Development and Director for Latin America.

He has 15 years of experience in applied research and in operational activities. His major research work lies mostly in analyzing poverty, inequality, importance of geography and assets (private or public) in explaining poverty, and in policies oriented towards poverty alleviation based on the role played by infrastructure, institutions, and on how technological breakthroughs (or discontinuities) can improve the welfare of households.

He has unique expertise on impact evaluation on projects linked to water and sanitation, electricity, ICTs, roads, and in social and institutional aspects on the delivery of public services. He has won twice the World Award for Outstanding Research on Development given by the Global Development Network (GDN).

Member of IADB

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