Jacinto Buenfil

Climate Change Project Advisor, UNEP

Jacinto studied environmental engineering at the University of Florida, focusing on wetland systems for water treatment and then obtained his masters at the University of California at Berkeley in ecological engineering. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon, where he worked with communities in water and sanitation projects. For the past four years he has focused on climate change, specifically in the areas of adaptation and REDD+. He is the editor of the book Adaptation to climate change impacts in Gulf of Mexico's wetlands, published by Mexico's National Institute of Ecology in 2009, which allowed him to enter into the climate change arena.

He worked during two years for the government of Mexico in the design and evaluation of adaptation measures and policies at the national level and up until last month he was the climate change adaptation coordinator for WWF Mexico. His role in WWF was to mainstream climate change adaptation into conservation programs, give support to the federal and state’s governments in developing adaptation policy instruments, particularly in connectivity strategies for protected areas. Since 2012 Jacinto has worked in UNEP’s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, namely managing the project Microfinance for Ecosystem-based Adaptation, which is implemented in Colombia and Peru.

Member of IADB

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