Emilie Mazzacurati

Chief Executive Officer, Four Twenty Seven

Emilie Mazzacurati is the founder and CEO of Four Twenty Seven, an award-winning climate resilience and analytics firm that helps businesses manage climate change risk. Four Twenty Seven enables organizations to make smarter decisions and build climate resilience through data-driven insights and solutions. Four Twenty Seven earned Climate Change Business Journal Awards for its work on climate risk in the supply chain and is a partner to the White House Climate Data Initiative.

Ms. Mazzacurati’s work mixes rigorous economic analysis and creative data visualization to help investors and corporations understand climate risks and develop an effective climate resilience strategy. She has been advising governments and large corporations for fifteen years to help them identify strategic opportunities in the sustainability and climate change fields. She was the lead author on Caring for Climate 2015 report on The Business Case for Responsible Corporate Adaptation and is a frequent speaker at industry events on climate resilience. Ms. Mazzacurati holds a Master of Political Science from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and a Master of Public Policy from UC Berkeley.

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