Doris Arévalo

Business Intelligence Department, Director,Bancoldex

Economist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, with additional studies in Finance, Foreign Trade, and Strategic Marketing. For seven years, she worked in the industrial sector in the administration and finance, and for 20 years she has been associated with financial sector entities such as Banco Real, today Scotiabank-Colpatria, Banco GNB Sudameris, and currently Bancoldex. She served as Commercial Manager, General Manager, and Manager of Corporate Banking and Official Banking in first-tier financial entities. At Bandoldex, she served for three years as director of the Business Banking Department, eight years as director of the Business Intelligence Department (formerly Department of Market and New Product Design), and since October 2015 she has been director of the Global Business Flow Unit, which serves the export sector and FDI export lending, and she is responsible for environmental strategy at Bancoldex. Specifically in environmental strategy, she directed the implementation and is currently responsible for the operation of the Environmental and Social Risk Management Model. She oversees the channeling of resources from international climate funds from multilateral banks for the design of financial instruments for energy efficiency projects, conversion of public transportation to clean technologies, and the mitigation of the impact of business activities on the environment. She represents Bancoldex in the Green Protocol of Asobancaria, in UNEP-FI, and in the Financial Management Committee of SISCLIMA in Colombia.

Member of IADB

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