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Arlen Stawasz is an emerging leader and architectural designer with expertise in flood resilient architecture and emergency disaster response systems. Arlen has conducted extensive research in the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Germany, India, New Orleans, New York, New Jersey, and Miami (USA) to learn about the unique conditions of living with water. From policy making to community planning, and understanding the human conditions of preparing for and living with flood or hazard mitigation, his resiliency work is constantly evolving, gaining national and international traction, and expanding.

Arlen was awarded the John Worthington Ames Fellowship in 2013 through the Boston Architectural College that allowed him to expand his interests and learn from other countries climate mitigation strategies. Arlen is actively involved and collaborates with policy makers, city officials, climate scientists, academics, and geologists to influence change in the USA’s resilient design thinking.

Arlen is the co-founder of the BSA Committee on Resilient Environments, a co-chair of the Urban Land Institutes Climate Resilience Committee, and he is actively influencing Boston’s resilient community. Arlen works for Perkins+Will and serves as the key ambassador for the Resiliency Lab in the Boston office. His work experience ranges from a multitude of projects, including high rise development, civic, higher education, k-12, science and tech, energy+ residential, urban planning and resilient design.

Arlen is also a Director of the BAC Alumni Board and serves as an adjunct faculty instructor of the BAC with a focus on teaching advanced resilient design and climate adaptation architectural studios. In the fall of 2014, Arlen contributed to the ULI Living with Water Report which was featured in the Boston Globe and BBC news, reaching over 550 million views worldwide and translated into 10 different languages.

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